3D printed Death Stars ensure Rogue One will go off with a bang

A Death Star, 2 meters in diameter, from Star Wars is being 3D printed in Spain’s capital city Madrid. It is one in a series of events taking place across the globe this week as pe [...]

A hand for 3D printed prosthetics from Ithaca College

What started out as an experiment in the capabilities of a new MakerBot Replicator has now given a helping-hand to those in need, and potentially launched the career of physics stu [...]

ZMorph Dual Pro Extruder opens up new possibilities for 3D printing

ZMorph upgraded its two-material extruder, which now offers four novel options for 3D printing, and one not seen before on the market. The Dual Pro Plastic Extruder can 3D print wi [...]

Full speed ahead for Dubai’s Future Accelerators

The first cycle of Dubai’s Future Accelerators program (also known as the Dubai Future Foundation) is an unprecedented success. 19 businesses out of the 30 that started the process [...]

3D printing achieves an impossible fashion statement

Australian fashion brand Alquema can thank 3D printing and modelling for creating an 'impossible' steel clothing rack. When commissioned to design the interior of the new store in [...]

Industry 4.0 comes to Liverpool as BCG say U.S. “slow” to adopt

Liverpool in the UK is the latest city taking a strategic approach to Industry 4.0.  This week LCR 4.0 will launch and begin developing ideas about how to increase manufacturing in [...]

Will 3D printed figures be the future for old school model lovers?

Miniature models for war games such as those produced by Games Workshop and Privateer Press attract a dedicated following of people willing to spend time and serious money on their [...]

Motor City gets rebuilt by 3D printing

In order to facilitate a large-scale development of downtown Detroit, developers have created 3D printed scaled models of the area. Construction is currently underway on the enormo [...]

Beautiful high-definition SLA prints on DWS 3D printers

At 3DPI we are always looking for examples of 3D printing done not only with engineering precision, but also with an element of style, art, creativity or even beauty. So when our e [...]

Recreating 3D Robert the Bruce and faces-in-the-wild

A new project shows how 3D imaging has many applications for helping people understand the world around them and can even be used to create an enhanced version of reality. The vide [...]