Luxexcel and Automation&Robotics collaborate on a quality control program

We covered Luxexcel NV about one year ago. In that article, the author mainly talked about how this fast growing 3D print company printed transparent optical components, such as le [...]

3D Printed Back Brace Takes Fencer to Rio Paralympics

Polina Rožkova, representing wheelchair fencing for Latvia, competed at the Rio 2016 Paralympics this week with the aid of a back brace printed by Stratasys reseller, Baltic3D. Bu [...]

LPW Technology establishes new R&D facility

UK based LPW Technology have opened a new research and development facility in the internationally recognised Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, UK. LPW is a market leader in the de [...]

Exquisite 3D printed art table and more

Our team reported about a series of amazingly 3D printed “stalaclights” before. Stalaclights are beautiful 3D printed light fittings that look like hanging buildings.  Art creation [...]

iMakr launch medical division with Rokit’s Invivo

New breakthroughs are happening constantly within the medical industry within 3D printing. The technology is revolutionizing the sector, with innovations such as bioprinting a thyr [...]

Sculpteo Adds Online Laser Cutting Service

France-based Sculpteo announced on September 8th the addition of advanced laser cutting and engraving services to its growing suite of digital manufacturing and prototyping solutio [...]

Carbon announces $81 million of new funds

Big news from Carbon 3D! They have just announced funding of $81 million from new strategic investors GE Ventures, BMW, Nikon and JSR. Along with existing investors, they will work [...]

BigRep takes over NOWlab and creates [email protected]

In large scale 3D printing, it is becoming less about hardware and software. The greatest development potential lies in materials and resulting applications. With this in mind, Big [...]

New HP Sprout PC features Leopoly’s 3D software

HP Inc.’s all-in-one desktop computer, “Sprout", features Leopoly’s 3D creation software, has been released on September 1st. The first Sprout came to the market in November, 2014 [...]

3D printed dress debuts at New York Fashion Week

3D printing technology is constantly evolving and changing, and now that there are multi-color, multi-material 3D printers out there, the fashion industry is being along for the ri [...]