FABulous incubator breaks cover

Funding is a constant issue for the 3D printing world as research and development on new products is never cheap. FABulous is a recently launched incubator that aims to unite the c [...]

How 3D Printing changed my life $$$

It’s Friday guys! Over the weekend you can turn your brain off for a bit, but before you do, have a bit of a think about the hardest thing you have ever done. The biggest change yo [...]

When 3D art and technology collide

  In the past month, objects like the one above began popping up on Thingiverse published by user by the name Shiv Integer. What would only become clear to the community throu [...]

3D Printing saved my life "Quack Quack", "Meow Meow"

It’s Friday afternoon! To help you get to the weekend faster, let us warm your hearts with some furry and feathered friends who have been given a new lease on life with 3D printed [...]

Thales 3D Printing World Center to open in Casablanca with 3D Systems SLM printers

  Thales Group, the large French technology group, has just confirmed its significant investment to build a new plant located in a free zone of Casablanca, Morocco. The signin [...]

Google joins quest to redesign the wheelchair

Some of the world’s biggest names have pooled their resources to help millions of people around the world live a better life with the next generation wheelchair. Inevitably, 3D pri [...]

Sevenhoaks is raising $50M

Artist's impressions of the proposed new science building at Sevenoaks School A great development is on the cards in Europe. Thanks to a multimillion-pound project set to be comple [...]

The 3D Printing Revolution in Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing

  Just as the internet has changed the world in the 1990s, 3D printing is bringing a revolution; one of its kind in manufacturing. The whole technology perspective is stepping [...]

Industrialising Additive Manufacturing of metal components

“3D Metal Printing” trade forum at Rapid.Tech, the international trade show and conference for Additive Manufacturing will takes place from 14 to 16 June 2016 in Erfurt.   Var [...]

Optomec Partners with Emona to Expand Additive Manufacturing Market in Australia and New Zealand

It looks like Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and 3D printed electronics is on an expansion drive with y [...]