Stealthy 3D Printing at Airshow?

The Farnborough airshow begins next week and will feature a number of announcements from the 3D printing industry. The show only takes place once every 2 years and will see a flurr [...]

3D Systems Releases Major Update to Cimatron

3D Systems (DDD) has announced the release of version 13 of its Cimatron™ software for mold-, die- and tool-makers. This new version introduces new and enhanced capabilities that c [...]

Morpheus is the Future of Tech and Design

Digital cutting and creasing innovator Highcon has partnered with leading architecture brand Eco Concrete Ideas to create the stunning Morpheus bench. The 2 meter bench is the resu [...]

Think Big, Print Bigger!

Education is the key to moving forward, and 3D printing is getting its own forms of teaching. Milan will be the home to a series of summer school sessions, teaching students how to [...]

Can we really grow aircraft?

BAE systems and a professor at Glasgow University have revealed a way to really grow drones with an advanced form of chemical 3D printing. The news has already swept the mainstream [...]

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Enters Debt Financing Agreement With Hercules Capital

 Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company (Aprecia), is a commercial stage pharmaceutical company which develops, manufactures and markets fast melt formulations of high dose pharmaceutical [...]

Star Trek Competition Takes 3D Printing to Space

Space and technology have collided in a recent design challenge hosted by Star Trek and NASA. Future Engineers has once again called upon students to push their creative boundaries [...]

Jupiter’s atmosphere: A tough test for 3D printed parts

Juno has taken a small step for 3D printing, as well as a giant leap for mankind, with its successful entry of Jupiter’s atmosphere. The craft is the first in space to feature 3D p [...]

OMNI3D Releases Factory 2.0 industrial FFF 3D printer

The Polish 3D Printer manufacturer, OMNI3D, has launched their latest model, the Factory 2.0 Production System. It is said that its operating costs will be up to "5 times lower" th [...]

10 3D Printed Drones to Satisfy Your Inner Pilot

The world of 3D printing is definitely a fun one, full of endless creativity and innovation. In my opinion, some of the best things (for now) to ever come out of 3D printers are DI [...]