Vector Space Systems 3D printed a cheap mini rocket

The aerospace industry has yet another 3D printing success story on its hands. Vector Space Systems, a micro satellite space launch company comprised of new-space industry veterans [...]

First 3D Printed Paralympic Cycling Prosthetic to Compete in Rio

3D printed prostheses are fast becoming a more accepted and viable option, and they're about to become competitive. credit to Dezeen This is Denise Schindler, a paralympian and l [...]

Willaston Physio & Sports Rehab unveils new 3D foot scanner

Dedicated to quality assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, the Willaston Physio and Rehab organization has introduced an innovative new tool that will lead to more accurate and [...]

3D printing’s brightest minds descend on Texas

The 27th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium kicks off in Austin, Texas on August 8th. The AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas will host som [...]

Human augmentation: we can, but should we?

We've seen and read so many stories about how 3D printing has helped countless people in need when used for human augmentation. From heartwarming stories like Mir, the 5 year old i [...]

Lulzbot parent company releases stunning Q2 figures

Some big names have hit lean times of late in the 3D printing industry. Aleph, the company behind the Lulzbot 3D Printers line, is not one of them. A series of new products and an [...]

Build a 3D printer, with another 3D printer!

We have all dreamed of using a 3D printer to make an army of 3D printers. Well now you can, thanks to an Indiegogo campaign that will go live on August 9th for the Ulio 3D. You cou [...]

Genevieve Schwartz – Combining Jewellery Design and 3D Printing

Genevieve Schwartz is a featured designer on MyMiniFactory and the founder of Genevieve Black Jewellery. She has recently designed a collection for MyMiniFactory, which is based on [...]

Coffee, beer and hemp filaments are now a thing

Having become know for an unwavering commitment to sustainability, US and Ireland based filament providers 3D Fuel have come up with yet another range of environmentally-friendly f [...]

Must-Have 3D Printing Dictionary

As 3D printing explodes in growth, plenty of processes, tools and other bit's and bobs turn up, needing proper names. This is where the world of language takes over. There isn't an [...]