The Future of 3D Printing by Mark J. Cola, CEO Sigma Labs

Mark J. Cola is President and CEO of Sigma Labs, Inc., which develops and engineers advanced, in-process, non-destructive quality inspection systems for commercial firms worldwide [...]

3D printed moth antennae uses smell to detect drugs and explosives

In a life-critical situation man-made sensors can take minutes to detect the presence of gas or explosives in the air. A moth however is able to sense explosive pheromones in a mat [...]

SOLIDWORKS CAD gives British athletes an edge in World Para Athletics Championships

BAE Systems has implemented CAD software to create an advanced training tool for British wheelchair athletes. The 13 athletes took part in the "world's first computerized indoor tr [...]

Overcoming the Additive Manufacturing skill gap pt. 2: Inspiring the next generation

In Part 1 of this additive manufacturing skill gap feature, we shared insight on how manufacturers can find and develop talent to meet immediate AM labor needs. Part 2 takes a deep [...]

3D printing Proto-pasta to create magnetic donut transformers

What happens when you combine 3D printing, donuts and iron? Researchers from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota have used an FDM 3D printer to create a more efficient transfor [...]

Rice University initiates capillary growth with 3D printable gelatin hydrogel

Existing in their billions and responsible for exchanging water, oxygen and carbon dioxide between blood and tissue, capillaries are at the core of the human body. As such, recreat [...]

New research advances liquid metal 3D printing, “10x faster at 1/10th cost”

Aluminum has a fascinating history, yet 3D printing with the material has proved problematic. Guests of Napoleon III could expect to eat from gold or silver plates, while aluminum [...]

Arkema expands resin production for 3D printing with its Sartomer facility in China

French chemical and materials company Arkema is expanding its production of 3D printable resins at its subsidiary Sartomer's Nansha facility in China. Arkema will increase total pr [...]

High speed Carima C-CAT 3D printer to enter mass production, claims 30% faster than Carbon

C-CAT is a 3D printer technology tipped to be up to 400 times faster than other digital light processing (DLP) techniques currently on the market. First teased at Euromold 2015, Ca [...]

Innovate UK launches Graphene Special Interest Group, calls for participation

Advances in 3D printing with graphene have featured frequently on these pages. Recently we reported on a 3D printed graphene aerogel and earlier this year looked at how MIT are add [...]