The Fab City Makers: putting manufacturing back in the hands of communities

Tomas Diez is an urbanist concerned with how to implement digital technologies to improve the way people live. As director of Fab Lab Barcelona, Diez takes the idea of a collaborat [...]

Roland DG forms new DGSHAPE subsidiary for 3D business

Roland DG has announced the creation of a new subsidiary called DGSHAPE in order to manage their 3D printing and other related projects. The company says they will be transferring [...]

Soluble supports and 3D bioprinted bones to patch skulls and heal fractures from the University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut has created a hydrogel suitable for supporting 3D printed bones. Without such support the bone cells would not be able to hold a form and would perish [...]

Mayor of London reveals plans for UK’s largest 3D printing centre

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has revealed development plans for the Eastern region of the UK's capital city. The plans include the largest 3D printing center in the UK. With th [...]

Wipro3D partners with Print Form for stronger additive manufacturing solutions

The additive manufacturing arm of multinational company Wipro have announced a new partnership with Print Form. 3D printing consultancy firm Print Form are headquartered in Atlanta [...]

How to 3D print your own bio-bots

A publication in Nature from the Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory and Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign gives i [...]

Researchers in Singapore and Israel develop the “most stretchable” 3D printable material

Published in the journal of Advanced Materials on 7 February 2017, researchers from Singapore and Israel demonstrate a range of stretchy materials suitable for vat polymerisation 3 [...]

Innovate UK grants $782,000 for 3D printing post-processing technology

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. (AMT) will receive a £624,000 ($782,000) grant from Innovate UK to refine a new automated post-processing method for 3D printed parts. The [...]

Intech DMLS developing “India’s first jet engine”

Intech DMLS, a metal additive manufacturing company from India, have announced the development of the country's first jet engine series. Developed by Intech's R&D arm, 'Poeir J [...]

3D scanning technology safeguards a school in Kentucky

EagleView Technologies measurement company, based in Bothell, WA, are using 3D scanning technology to create digital maps of the inside of buildings. These maps will help emergency [...]