As the established desktop 3D printer manufacturers continue to keep apace with the market, many have been releasing new 3D printer models meant to improve upon the issues of previous generations of low-cost fabricators.  The latest manufacturer to come out with a newer, more polished machine is Tiertime, makers of the popular, low-cost Up! 3D printer.  Now presenting: the UP BOX 3D printer!

Up Box 3D printer from TierTime closed

The new machine from Tiertime, improves upon previous models in a number of ways, least of which may be its size: 255 x 205 x 205mm (10″ x 8.1″ x 8.1″), almost twice the size of the company’s other machines. More interesting are the technological upgrades, including fully automated platform calibration and nozzle height detection, which the company claims requires no human intervention.  The BOX is also designed to be 30% faster than the UP Plus 2 with 100 micron layer height.  Like the UP Mini, the build area is enclosed, for better temperature stability, but the BOX uses a novel ABS print surface for improved adhesion.  The latest model also features an air filter to absorb fumes from potentially hazardous materials like ABS.

Up Box 3D printer from TierTime open

Along with the new hardware, Tiertime has implemented what it calls Smart Support Technology, which uses a unique algorithm to generate easily removable support structures.  The software, they suggest, is easy to use, but includes advanced features for long-time 3D printer users.  With a light-pulse LED screen, the BOX is also ready for untethered 3D printing, so you can leave your laptop on your lap and your 3D printer wherever you do your Making.

The pictures available of the BOX are only renderings, so we await the actual machine and subsequent reviews, as well as the price.  According to our friend Pawel Slusarczyk at Centrum Druku 3D,  the price shouldn’t exceed 10,000 Polish Zloty, which is roughly $3,000.  Update: We’ve just heard from Tiertime and the UP BOX 3D printer is priced at $1,899 and will be available this November, just in time for the holidays, for purchase through the company and its global distribution partners, like Amazon. If the BOX is anything like its predecessors it’s sure to be well received by the community, in terms of capabilities.