Pavia University Unveils Survey

The University of Pavia and University of Vaasa have together developed a survey on advanced manufacturing systems. Their aim is to investigate how advanced manufacturing systems affect the configuration of the Global Value Chain, as well as their impact on firm performance. The manufacturing system the university wants to focus on is 3D printing, and its impact on production, logistics, marketing and other areas within the Global Value Chain.

This survey is aimed at managers and experts of companies who:

  • have a clear idea and understanding of their company’s structure and strategy
  • have a clear understanding of their company’s localisation and outsourcing policies
  • have a clear understanding of 3D printing and or Advanced Manufacturing solutions

Despite the survey having a focus on 3D printing, the university urges managers and experts to still take part in the survey, as any information is of great use to them.

Pavie University says that those who take part in the university will have access to the detailed version of the findings report, whilst those haven’t taken part will have access to less information on the findings. They also say that participant companies who want a specific report showing their strategic position, strengths and weakness in comparison to the others who took part, can request one of these reports.

The questionnaire is said to last only 10-15 minutes, and comprises of four main sections:

  • General Information
  • Global Value Chain
  • 3D Printing / Industry 4.0
  • Company Profile

These sections can be paused and saved as many times as required, so discussions are possible within companies whilst answering the questions.

Responses are strictly confidential as results are only given in a collated statistic format as well as an overall diffused manner, and the results aren’t used for commercial purposes.

This survey highlights the impact 3D printing is having worldwide on such a massive scale. It will be incredibly interesting to see how much of an impact this technology is having on the Global Value Chain.

The Survey

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