3D Printing

London Comic Con: 3D Printing Potential

During the weekend, I walked around the convention floor at London Comic Con talking to some very talented cosplayers. The amount of creativity and skill they have put into their costumes is amazing!


This young Batman was thrilled to see his hero, Baymax from Big Hero 6 brought to life with this amazing construction. The scale of the armour made this quite a popular piece with the crowds, and although it wasn’t made with 3D printing tech, you can see how it could have easily been used instead of the plastics and foam he did use.

Most of the cosplayers I spoke to were very excited about the prospect of creating things with 3D printing, but had never really had the opportunity before. It makes you wonder; if all of these fantastic cosplays can be made by the creators with plastics, foam and cardboard, what could they achieve with 3D printing?

IMG_0886 IMG_0892