Artist Ioan Florea has turned a lot of heads with his massive sculptures.  Though he has not yet 3D printed an entire car, his fused deposition transfer process has allowed him to construct unique shapes, which he then applies to larger structures.  Now, Florea is revisiting the themes of his most famous work, which saw a Ford Gran Torino coated in gnarly metallic shapes, by giving a Chevy Camaro that famous Florea touch.  The artist’s latest work will be on display at both the New York International Auto Show 2015 from April 1 to the 12 and, then, the Inside 3D Printing Show, as part of 3D Print Week, for April 16 and 17.

Carpathian Art Studio Camaro Art Car

Part of Florea’s practice involves converting a functional, found object into a non-functional, aesthetic piece that interrogates the form and function of everyday items.  Generating abstract shapes by manipulating numerical code, a process he deems Virtual Archaeology, Florea creates 3D models which, in past projects, he then 3D printed on a Solidoodle 3D printer, before coating in various materials.  With Florea’s new Camaro, the artist piece builds up layers of paint pigment using heat and other curing technologies along with standard FDM to create adornments for the classic American auto in a technique he calls “Supertextual”, a contrast to the Superflat method of Takashi Murikami.

This specific project, the artist suggests, makes a comment on paint in the auto industry.  The project’s press release states, “Most of the pigments developed today for the auto industry are finding their way into artist paints and materials. A few hundred years ago it was the other way around. The first pigments were developed and extracted by artists, followed by the adoption by textile, architectural and later the auto industry.”

The Camaro piece will be completed during the Auto Show using RepRap 3D printers and, by the time Inside 3D Printing hits town, it’ll be ready for 3D printing audiences.  If you’re heading to 3D Print Week, you’ll have a chance to see Florea’s latest sculpture at the Javits Center, along with the rest of the show.