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For Hunters of 3D Printed Jewelry

Here’s a question you’ve probably never thought to yourself: are you a rogue or a wolf? That question, however, is essential to shopping at The Rogue + The Wolf.  And, though the true ideological differences between being either a rogue or a wolf are probably more complex, when it comes to picking out 3D printed jewelry, the distinction essentially boils down to whether or not your prefer black rings and necklaces or midi rings (see image below) of any color.

3D printed midi ring in gold from The Rogue + The WolfEnter The Rogue + The Wolf and you’re presented with two paths for your 3D printed pleasure: the Rogue loves black items and the Wolf loves midi rings in black, gold, steel, or silver.  Both choices yield a number of unique jewelry items, from 3D printed animal skull pendants to bunny ear rings made.  Most, if not all, of the pieces can be purchased in black polyamide, gold plated steel, sterling silver, and non-plated steel.

3D printed faux taxidermy from The Rogue + The Wolf

If jewelry isn’t your bag, you might find The Rogue + The Wolf useful for playing out your tiny hunting fantasies.  In addition to rings that can be worn on the middle phalanx, the site sells tiny skull mounts so that you can brag to all of your friends about all of the miniature mammoths and deer you’ve (ahem) killed.

3D printed faux taxidermy from The Rogue + The WolfI’m admittedly a little confused by the rogue and wolf class distinctions, but with its singular aesthetic, I believe that the site has a good deal of potential for turning us all into faux hunters. I personally have my eye on the mini clever necklace because I’ve got some tiny cutlets to prepare for dinner.

Source: The Rogue + The Wolf