3D Printing

Food of the Future



Italian food leader Barilla to change the way we eat our pasta?

Indulging in luxurious food’s is something we all love to do, although, there has been a lack in innovation when it comes down to creating new ways of crafting our meals. That is until Italian pasta maker Barilla teamed up with the Dutch research center TNO to bring us something new.


The two company’s have been working together on their own 3D printer, one that can create impossibly wild forms of pasta. They have implemented a pasta dough cartridge system – which contains durum wheat flour and water – onto a 3D printer. The printer works in tandem with a computer to print edible pasta in any shape imaginable, from roses to rocket ships.

The printer they have developed is currently capable of producing four pasta pieces in 2 minutes, although they have stated that they intend to increase the print quantity to that of an average portion.

Michaela Petronio, Vice President of Unità Global Discovery Centerhas had this to say – “This is a research project, not only a new product, which would have been unthinkable for a food company 10 years ago. This printer allows great freedom in the creation formats, flour, and tasting experience.

“The printer makes unique creations because these are miniaturized forms that cannot be obtained with traditional production methods,”  added Fabrizio Cassotta, Innovation Pasta Ready Meals and Smart Food Manager. “We are considering the future scenarios of use, probably at home,”

Chef of academia Barilla, Marcello Zaccaria, who offered a tasting of some different formats of the “Pasta of the future” mentioned “3D pasta is of excellent quality, fast to cook but also ‘al dente'”. Luca Di leo, communications director added “Pasta is a tradition of excellent quality..” 

Luca certainly is right about the Art of making pasta being a tradition, but like all traditions, they get a shaped over time by technology and new methodology. which is why Brilla is investing time and money into this, because they believe “it is important to look at the future and how the pasta of the future will be,” said Luca, presenting the prototype of the printer at this years Cibus food show.

Can you imagine owning one of these? it’ll certainly test you to see if your stomach really is big as your eyes, or  your minds eye in this case. There is no doubt that owning one of these 3d printers would be a blast for the entire family, and a real head turner to any restaurant willing to implement this new tech into the way they make their food.