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Creative Fuel Really Want to Change the 3D Printing Game! Honest.

To present and promote the Creative Fuel conference set to take place in Sydney, next July 28th, a group of Australian and international designers got together and figured out the one invention that is really going to change the world. The one, true, definitive “game changer”, as they call it in the “making of” video: “The World’s First Crowd-Sourced 3D-Printed QR-Code Live-Streamed Via Go-Pro To A Smartphone or Tablet Device Drone-Delivery Ticket System”.

If you are trying to figure out what it is meant to do… Don’t. Putting together so many advanced technologies might blow your mind, if your are not fully prepared to handle it. Common sense tells us that the biggest advancements take place when technologies overlap, but this time creativity may have gone a bit too far.

creative fuel 3d printing

Fortunately it is only a hilarious parody video, shot to promote the conference event, which is real. It intends to address the need for designers to not let the creative mind be carried away by the hype and the blind desire to create a world’s first anything. Something that, in fact, many in the 3D printing industry are somewhat obsessed with.

The truth, in my opinion, lies somewhere in the middle (as always): we are living in an amazing time of creativity and innovation and many things are truly “world firsts” and “game changers”. Some will have a bright future and some will fail. And those that fail are not necessarily the “bad” ones either.

It is just the way it goes. Still, the video is absolutely hilarious and they really 3D printed the QR Code! The relative tag looks pretty funny as well:


“I don’t understand it, but I love it!”

See what you think …..