As the number of 3D printable marketplaces increases, you’ve got to wonder what sets each one apart. “Cults” is one of the latest 3D model repositories to hit the scene. So, how does Cults stand out from the crowd? Well, it’s French! The first French model marketplace on the web!

mummy CULTS 3D model repositoryOn Cults’ website, there are a variety of 3D models you’ll see from designers around the world. The site allows designers to sell their 3D models, with Cults taking 20% of the cut to run the site, or give them away under the Creative Commons license. Some objects are made with rather stunning detail, such as the mummy shown at the right, made by user MWOPUS from Taiwan. Others are the cuter, cruder type similar to what you might come across on Thingiverse.  Designers offer personal descriptions of each object that, in some ways, showcases the personality of the designer more than in alternative marketplaces. And, by joining the Cults community, you can comment on designers’ work and follow their progress, not dissimilar from other printable sites.

Objects are classified into some unique categories, most you’ll recognize though: Art, Fashion, Jewellery, Home, Gadget, Game, Tool, Naughties, and Various.  As an uptight – and, probably, backwards – American, it’s things like that second to last category that give Cults a distinctly French feel. So far, the only item in the Naughties category is a model of a nude woman. The very existence of the category does hint at other, more intimate uses of 3D printing – things you may not see on the more family-friendly Thingiverse.

CULTS 3D Model Repository Webpage

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the future of Cults?” I know I’ve asked myself that ever since Heaven’s Gate in ‘97. Well, the site indicates plans to open a brick-n-mortar store for those without 3D printers to have objects printed by Cults.  Until then, the printer-less are directed to use makexyz to find local 3D printers. Finally, you’ve got be wondering about the odd name.  The site describes the meaning behind “Cults” thusly: “So why such a name? Cults is an anacycle: read backwards it becomes St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors. You can also read the stl., the beloved format of all 3D creators.”

So, what are you waiting for? Become a devoted member of Cults today!

Source: Cults.