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Juho Vesanto
Juho Vesanto
Juho is a tech enthusiast with a solid background in consumer understanding and research. Strategic consulting on technology, innovation and branding processes have been a major part of Juho’s working history, but the revolution that is 3D printing has drawn him away from board rooms to spread the joyous message of a new era of design and prosumer to the masses.Juho holds a BBA in marketing and is studying user-centered design for an MBA.

Even though the network of self-replicating 3D printer communities consist of highly intelligent individual units, the replicating machines themselves are not yet  self-sustainable and functional without any human interaction – as [...]

The universe is infested with dangerous monsters threatening all life! An outcry which sounds quite ominous, but despite the immediate associations to colonies of planets struggling under an Ridley Scott directed Alien regime, it' [...]

Even though there have been a few attempts to create a portable 3D printer – Ben Heck's iterative projects being probably the most famous ones – real commercial applications in this sector have been practically non-existent. Even [...]

As the potential mega trend of a future with local-based manufacturing and consumption is widely discussed in the academic and business world, 3D printing is often cited as one of the most relevant techs to be harnessed in this re [...]

While many of the most recent consumer/prosumer grade 3D printers are aiming low with previously unheard of price points – often at the expense of other qualities - some men just want to watch the world burn and go higher, wider a [...]

Besides 3D printing, I can't think of any other sector in the tech industry where it's almost impossible to keep track of all the interesting new concepts that keep popping up! Granted, most of them are still in their early pre-pr [...]

Even though it’s nicer to think positively about what most people immediately associate with 3D printing, the reality sometimes deviates from the ideology. And while there are many good, positive applications that already contribu [...]

Even though most recent news on 3D scanning has been about prosumer-targeted desktop solutions, the majority of which are currently still lying on the design tables with a sole focus on winning the price-race to the bottom, in the [...]

A new study on 3D printing has been published by the open source research platform Statistical Studies of Peer Production. It's a follow-up to last year's first market research activities into 3D printing, which mapped out the bas [...]

A former naval officer building functional robots capable of launching missiles might, at first, sound like a potentially alarming concept, but in reality it is actually a beautiful Instructables swan song from a Colombian artist [...]