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Evan Chavez
Evan Chavez
Evan Chavez currently lives in Temple City, CA. Between bouts of teaching and attempts at athleticism, he writes, paints, and draws upon inspiration and request. Dreams of digging for dinosaur bones flitted in childhood reveries, but stints at UC Irvine and CalArts, where he received his B.A. and M.F.A respectively, allowed the arts and writing in particular to abscond with his heart and mind. He co-edits for In-Process-Inventory, a literary journal, and periodically updates his blog.

We see quite a bit of custom jewelry from 3D printing, yet there are a few that stand out in elegance and find their desired market. Thanks to a trio collaboration, a new line of customizable men’s jewelry is now available. Includ [...]

When drawing from a wellspring of innovation, obstacles readily become opportunities. This truth has been wonderfully realized at Newton High School in New Jersey. Sometimes it simply takes a moment seeing someone else in need to [...]

When considering the quote that “all art is political,” the political includes various issues determined by our actions, and the art definitely extends into the realm of fashion. In fact, fashion is one of the most blatant sociopo [...]

At first glimpse, the new 3DP clock from Hackaday user [ekaggrat] echoes a looped rollercoaster or a Ferris Wheel, with its base and ridged circle. Upon closer inspection, the chronological nature of the print becomes clear. It is [...]

3D Printed models have illuminated mathematical proofs from history with spherical shapes and play with light sources. Using stereographic projection, Henry Segerman and Saul Schleimer cast astounding shadows and designs from thei [...]

There is a constant to mass that is difficult to acknowledge when considering the personal. With most physics concepts, the proofs are understood in the realm of the abstract, and if it is true that matter in a closed system is ne [...]

There has been a trend in imagery, especially in film and photography, which relies heavily on computer generated graphics. As with most trends, it occurred as a result of breakthroughs in technology. Luckily, a relatively new tec [...]

Time for a party at DBLG, so we bring in the dancing bears. Noted for meticulous prints and stop motion animation from previous projects, the London based creative agency has taken its bears off the stairs and onto the dance floor [...]

A quick search on Instagram will reveal a trend among photographers to set their bike, the main means of conveyance, in a setting for a picture to post. The juxtaposition illustrates the presence of the artist or bike rider in the [...]

Often there are designs from 3D printing enthusiasts that offer something at once unique, obvious, and special. Found on Etsy, Printmeneer presents this type of customizable product with 3D printed cookie cutters. These prints wou [...]