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3D Printing Kickstarter

Waggle is designed to be a 3D printer’s best friend. Created by ATEAM VENTURES, the camera device, now on Kickstarter, allows users to remotely control a build from any wifi connected location. It simply fits into an existing mach [...]

3D printing company Milkshake3D has created a new SLA printer capable of smooth detailed prints. The machine combines high quality reproduction of designs with rapid production. As a result, the resin-based 3D printer has signific [...]

If you've ever had a 3D print run fail and have experienced this occassional frustration then you might be interested in this new sensor. Dyze Design of Montreal, Canada, have launched a Kickstarter to give Makers a SENTINEL for t [...]

After making their initial announcement last month, the Cetus 3D printer is finally ready for funding. They've made many improvements along the way and now their Kickstarter campaign is up and running. The team has been keeping fa [...]

The M3D Pro is possibly the world's most user-friendly 3D printer that will be on the market next spring. The introductory video shown below proves how M3D managed to reach their $100,000 Kickstarter goal in only two hours. Check [...]

The Renegade 3D pen isn't the best, or the cheapest, or the lightest 3D pen on the market. But it is the one that will impact the environment the least. On Kickstarter, they have already reached 236% of their goal with 16 days to [...]

Meet the LOCOOP Y, one of the newest in desktop printers to come out of Seoul, Korea. The printer boasts a hefty list of impressive features, including the ability to eliminate one of the most frustrating parts of 3D printing - Pr [...]

The team at CreateAll are launching a Kickstarter campaign today for their all printing, all cutting and milling machine: the Versa3D. The desktop machine is designed to fulfill all fabrication and prototyping needs, incorporating [...]

Have you ever heard of accurately modelled mountain candles? No? Well they exist! Bradley Swift, of Cascadia Candle Co. is a beekeeper and avid lover of the local scenery of the Pacific Northwest in the USA, and wanted to create s [...]

Do you want a totally custom set of sunglasses? Well if you have simply refused to buy off the shelf and spent your days squinting into the sun then Vitaly is heading to Kickstarter on June 15th with the answer you’ve been waiting [...]