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Candles with an Edge – 3D Printing and the Natural World

Have you ever heard of accurately modelled mountain candles? No? Well they exist! Bradley Swift, of Cascadia Candle Co. is a beekeeper and avid lover of the local scenery of the Pacific Northwest in the USA, and wanted to create s [...]

Vitaly sunglasses throw shade on Kickstarter

Do you want a totally custom set of sunglasses? Well if you have simply refused to buy off the shelf and spent your days squinting into the sun then Vitaly is heading to Kickstarter on June 15th with the answer you’ve been waiting [...]

Kickstarter: A universal camera, every format in one package?

A universal camera has launched on Kickstarter that claims you’ll be able to shoot in any format, use vintage lenses, film backs and shoot digital all in one modular, portable package. Mercury, which claims to be the world’s first [...]

You can buy a stake in Retouch3D

The company behind Retouch3D is looking to build on its Kickstarter success with a £200,000 round of funding on investment platform Invesdor. It’s a simple concept and the end result is something like a heated Dremel tool for the [...]

Crowdfunding Fails: When Kickstarter goes bad

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites have launched great companies and given entrepreneurs with a grand vision and no capital the chance to change the world. Oculus Rift, 3Doodler and Formlabs 3D printers all owe their very ex [...]

Skull Wars lights up Kickstarter

Updated 03/05/2016 - 1.49pm ET: Will they make it ? Haven’t you always wanted a collection of skulls of some the best known characters on Star Wars? No? We didn’t either, but then we saw this novel Kickstarter and changed our mind [...]

Gel printer ready to inject fun into food

A new fruit printer could inject some fun into your desserts, as well as some cream, if Dovetailed raises the £200,000 it needs to create the first 100 nufood units. It can create specific shapes from pre-packaged liquids and raw [...]