3D Metrology Conference - 4th Edition

NovemberNov 05 2019 - NovemberNov 07 2019

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3DMC is dedicated to the application and development of 3D measurement technology for industrial, scientific and cultural purposes.

Technical Talks/Posters

3DMC welcomes talks and posters on a wide range of topics. Typical themes include:

  • 3D Metrology Technologies and Applications from Nanometre to Large Scale

  • Automation Enabled by In-Process Metrology

  • Digitization – Smart Sensors for the Internet of Production

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Supporting User Interaction and Metrology-Based Decision Making

  • Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability

  • Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial Exhibition

3DMC invites manufacturers of 3D metrology equipment, software suppliers, and service providers who address industrial and technology sectors that include the following:

  • aerospace

  • automotive

  • power generation

  • marine

  • off-shore

  • built environment

  • cultural heritage

  • virtual reality

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