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The Jericho Skull, excavated from the Palestinian Territories of Jerusalem, dates back to the final phase of the Stone Age between 8200 and 7500 BC. It is part of The British Museum’s collection in London, UK, and has been 3D prin [...]

In collaboration with the Korea Culture Information Service Agency (KCISA), 3D file sharing website 3Dupndown has released a collection of 3D printable objects from museums in South Korea. 3D model of a baekja cheolhwa myojee, us [...]

Ancient Egypt has astounded the world for years in the sheer spectacle and ingenuity of their masonry in the pyramids and their concealed tombs. Though plenty of research and exploration has gone into the structures, intrigue is k [...]

The Royal Society is giving £3000 (4000 USD) to 15 museums and galleries in the UK to help promote their local heroes. The McLean Museum and gallery in Scotland is using the money to display 3D printing techniques alongside the li [...]

In order to facilitate a large-scale development of downtown Detroit, developers have created 3D printed scaled models of the area. Construction is currently underway on the enormous 50-block project, known as The District Detroit [...]

Is 3D printing art? Indeed what is art anyway? With 3D printing cropping up on an increasingly regular basis in the art world, a new project looks at how these works might be preserved for the future. Traditional artworks have wel [...]

London’s Design Museum reopens this Thursday the 24th November and, as additive manufacturing giants Stratasys have an art commission featured in the opening exhibit, 3DPI were invited along to an exclusive preview of Fear and Lov [...]

Over the last two years MyMiniFactory's Scan the World project has collected almost five thousand digital models of sculptures and art objects, making it the world’s largest 3D printable museum. The project now covers all four cor [...]

3DPI readers may remember hearing about the Veronica Scanner earlier this year, when its Madrid-based creators Factum Arte announced that it would be installed in London's Royal Academy of Arts (RA) for an exhibition in September. [...]

Aussie alt-rock artist Dan Sultan has brought a 3D printed bust to life with his newest video clip for single 'Magnetic'. The award winning artist teamed up with Melbourne based Dropbear Digital to create the visual masterpiece, a [...]