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"guideline" is an answer to those in the medical and clinical 3D Printing community that are constantly asking us for a ISO 10993 class of 3D Printing material. Unique features over std PETG: 1. Already registered with the FDA 2. [...]

More and more large chemical companies are looking to 3D printing and especially 3D printable plastics as a way to both explore new areas of business and to explore more efficient and also ecologically compatible products and mean [...]

Early in the year, the 3D printing material masters at taulman3D released a limited amount of their newly developed TECH-G material to a few consumers in order to gather feedback for this new material. TECH-G was created to cover [...]

The materials market for 3D printing is set to boom, surpassing $1 billion in global turnover by 2019.  As new materials are developed and discovered, a number of players setting themselves up to take advantage of this growth. For [...]

When it comes to 3D printing materials, nylon has been widely recognized as one of the most useful types of print material available. Yet one major drawback to using a nylon-based filament is the inability to easily glue pieces to [...]

Filament manufacturer taulman3D is known for its unique filaments, rivaling materials used for mass manufacturing. And one speciality firm has found taulman's specialty filaments to be perfect for their products. Cognionics, a dev [...]

Eastman Chemical Company has been making its Amphora plastic available to filament manufacturers to take advantage of the material's properties in order to produce unique 3D printing materials.  Namely, colorFabb has created a BPA [...]

Developer of high-strength 3D printing materials taulman 3D has just announced its latest release: In-PLA filament, a new transparent filament that comes in a range of vibrant, translucent colors. The taulman 3D team developed the [...]

Just a week after announcing a new versatile, performance 3D printing material, taulman3D has already launched another new filament.  The material maker has returned to its routes as one of the first providers of Nylon for desktop [...]

Many are saying that the next big evolution to take place in 3D printing will happen in terms of materials, with the 3D printing materials market to surpass $1 billion in the next five years, according to MartketsandMarkets.  We'v [...]

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