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With a 3D scan of his face and a CT scan of his skull, renowned 3D print artist Joshua Harker created a portrait for the 21st Century. The work aims to juxtapose newfound reaches of our vision, discovery and technology against our [...]

Chicago’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is over until 2018. During the course of 6 days 115,612 visitors traversed over 1.3 million sq. ft. of exhibition space, taking in demonstrations and displays from over [...]

From Joshua Harker’s white skulls, to the Smithsonian Institution commissioning a 3D printed portrait of Obama, to gold replica’s of Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers; 3D printing has long been embraced by artists as a disruptive tech [...]

Although it is not something entirely new, the implementation of 3D technology in general is dramatically changing the world of the arts, giving artists new means of expressing their creativity. Recently, I had an opportunity to s [...]

There’s no denying it, CES — the Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas every year by the CEA — is just around the corner. And yes, I am STILL wondering what happened to 2014. Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated con [...]

The upcoming 3D Printshow in London will have many interesting themes to explore, although that of artistic expression through 3D printing will be a prevalent one, curating some of the works that I have had the fortune to admire a [...]

My wife just sent me a Huffington Post article titled "14 Ways 3D Printing Has Changed The Art World".  Running down the list, I saw the 3D printed Van Gogh flowers (and ear), Ioan Florea's 1971 Ford Torino, and Joshua Harker's 3D [...]

What a month, as the 3DPI writing team continues to grow — in number and stature — the 3D printing stories are coming through thicker and faster than ever before. A clear trend throughout the month of May has been the proliferatio [...]

Mink: The MakeUp 3D Printer We have witnessed an explosion of beauty and fashion orientated 3D printers and 3D printing applications over the past few years. Way back in 2011, TIME Magazine named Iris van Herpen’s 3D printed dre.. [...]

Joshua Harker’s latest Kickstarter campaign is promising us something new — something different. A completely new 3D printer. Turns out, Josh has been working on it for the last 18 months and is neck deep in R&D but he is in n [...]

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