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This summer, Local Motors, the startup behind the Strati 3D printed car, announced its second model of printed auto to lead the firm's first fleet of cars to hit roads next year.  In addition to the unveiling of this Redacted Relo [...]

Filament manufacturer taulman3D is known for its unique filaments, rivaling materials used for mass manufacturing. And one speciality firm has found taulman's specialty filaments to be perfect for their products. Cognionics, a dev [...]

At CES last year, 3D Systems announced the release of its 3D portrait system, dubbed the 3DMe Photobooth, along with a number of products that are still making their way to market.  The 3DMe booth, in its previous iteration, appea [...]

There has been plenty of criticism surrounding the fifth generation of MakerBot 3D printers. These have mostly focused in on its Smart Extruder system, which, apparently, is quite a bit “too smart for its own good”. The machine is [...]

The pioneers of 3D printed upper limb prosthetics, e-NABLE, is lighting up a promising path for assistive devices once again, this time with actual lights! One of the estimated 1,700 members of the non-profit's “global village”, D [...]

This past May, NASA and America Makes announced a competition calling on Makers everywhere to submit 3D printed concepts of space habitats, offering $2.4 million to the most creative and realistic submission. The first phase of th [...]

It may have passed somewhat under the radar, but the industrial Ceramker 3D printer, by Limoges, France-based, 3DCeram, debuted at the recent Ceramics Expo 2015 and is now set to be displayed at the upcoming Euromold trade show ta [...]

Finnish 3D printables marketplace Launzer.com announced at the end of last year that they had taken on a partnership with two major companies that would bring a number of big brands to their licensed merchandising platform.  With [...]