• Tony Shulthise

    Does 3D Systems still charge $150+ per kg of filament compared to the same filament at $30-$35 per kg that open source printers use? Their printers would have to have 5x the quality of open source printers before I’d pay 5x as much for filament. I had a terrible experience I had with my CubeX printer but love my MakerGear M2.

    Beware of filament prices. Its like inkjet printers… they will sell the printers at a loss but they charge a LOT more for ink and that’s how they make their money. The open source printer manufacturers don’t do that.

  • http://www.thefocusedstocktrader.com Harris Shapiro

    The news should spark a move in the shres of DDD. We at The Focused Stock Trader like the shares and we think it has completed it’s pullback.