Powder 3d printing skull

A Brief Insight into Powder 3D Printing Post Processing

By May 11, 2014. 3D Printing, Featured, Videos

Shootdigital produces 3D prints in 24k gold precious metal finishing, as well using nickel, silver and copper to name a few. Check out this video for their post-processing procedure for a 3D printed human skull – the finished product looks quite amazing!

  • David Bauer


  • couldn’t they choose a nicer object to print than a gold skull! just saying…

  • 24k gold. Mmm.

  • Nightfalcon

    unfortunately they only show the standard infiltration of a black skull with cyano acrylate. the gold plating itself is not shown. perhaps someone of shootdigital could add some more pics on this part :-)

  • Johnwcaldwell

    Not only would sound be nice but the full process would also be helpful.

  • Ralph Hulslander

    Stupid video

    • Sean John

      Ralph, I’m detecting a theme here based on this post and your only other posts on here: “The Inside 3D Printing Expo in New York was a waste of time and money!!” and “He said he was going to post details! What is the URL?” You’re just full of constructive criticism and insight. Well done! You must be a confident, accomplished and happy man leading a very fulfilling life.