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Testing a 3D House Printer – Andrey Rudenko

By April 27, 2014. 3D Printing, Featured, Videos

Is 3D Printing the future of housebuilding? Whatever the answer is, the subject always creates a lot of interest. For this Sunday we’re sharing this 3D House Printer test video clip from Andrey Rudenko. He uses cement to print medium-sized homes with a printer built to withstand real-world conditions. Andrey is currently developing the next generation to his house 3D Printer, that should be able to print homes on mountainous/hilly terrain. We’re looking forward to seeing his future work!

  • Ruttles Rohan

    There is nothing that will make the 3d printed structure take off like getting the ability out of the hands of the huge business and research and making it practical for small firms .