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    The standard Lego brick design was patented on 28 January 1958. That patent expired decades ago. Copyrights last much longer, but they don’t protect designs or inventions, they protect creative works.

    So as long as Woody64 is not recreating any copyrighted art, and is just using the size and shape of the interlocking part of the Lego brick, he should have nothing at all to worry about from a legal standpoint. Think about how ridiculous it would be to try and sue someone for using “a little round peg that fits into a round slot”.

    Now, there is also Trademark law, but Woody64 would only be in violation of that if he were to steal the Lego logo and try to sell his products as official Lego products. The courts in the US have established that you are allowed to create products that are compatible with someone else’s product, even if you don’t hold the patent for that product. For instance. You can create a set of Lego style bricks that are designed to work with official Lego bricks, and you can even mention Lego when explaining that: “Compatible with Lego bricks” or “Designed for use with Lego bricks” as long as you explain that you are not affiliated with the Lego company in any way.

    To give you a real world example: Even as a child, I owned “off-brand” Lego style bricks. The brandname was “Tyco” and the bricks were the EXACT same size, shape, and design as Lego bricks, but obviously without the Lego logo. That was two decades ago, and even back then the Lego patent on the original Lego brick had long since expired.

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    As many other custom part producers we all sell parts compatible with Lego items. As requested by Lego we add the sentence “LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.” to ensure that we respect the trademark and don’t want to copy anything which is in the ownership of the company (see http://aboutus.lego.com/en-us/legal-notice/fair-play).
    Beside the interest to create new items a major intend is also to ensure that my grandchilds can play with LEGO® pieces. With the same glance in eyes as I had standing in the toy store of my aunt some decades ago …

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    My side offers custom pieces compatible with Lego Minifigs. That’s already done by some other providers via classical injection molding. I design very specialized pieces and offer these via 3d printing. One target is to enrich the Lego world with topics and items they don’t address themselves by adding custom pieces. So copies are absolutely not in scope.
    Therefor I also respect the Lego fair play policy adding a disclaimer to the page: “LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site”.