• Shane Taylor

    Interesting. Thanks Mike.

  • JJ

    Even requiring a purge to change color, you could have multiple colors in a single layer – you might have restriction similar to the Connex machines, where a given body can only be one color, but if you run a color changing purge every time you went from one body to the next you could definitely make it work – and with only one printhead, to boot.

  • RichRap

    Sigh, Patenting, prior art, this has been demonstrated in various forms for years. All you need is a pack of sharpie pens to test the same idea at home, you will do it once and never bother again. Even if it’s developed as a fully automated process, the results are meh

  • DeaNZ

    Hi, nice try, when they can print a “Full
    Colour” I mean a colour separated picture of a face or anything else on
    the side of that cube then I will say they have a “Full Colour”
    Printer. Until then please everyone stop calling theses attempts “Full
    Colour” and call it what it really is “Multi Colour” or Muliple Specials