• Tom Bielecki


  • Protion Chen

    腳翹起來了 失敗!

  • Spacemon Skywatcher

    I have been waiting for this. Fantastic!

  • Brad Arnold

    I would think this would usher in the ability to engineer and 3D print nanites.

  • AssHat900

    Nano 3D printing is so easy, there is this one simple trick…

    • Beric

      Engineers hate him…

  • burritobob

    you guys are missing the vast potential applications. nano reconstruction of joints , arteries cartiladge…….instead of a fiber optic viewer or an aorta stint , slide in an analysis evaluating probe w a nano nozzle that rebuilds tissue, organs and….. think …..and quit w the miniature dogs. cordially, mgmt.

  • burritobob

    o..i see. no one has posted in a year. nevermind.