Ultimaker 2 3D Printer Barnacules Nerdgasm

Ultimaker 2 Unboxing and Review

By February 1, 2014. 3D Printers, Featured, Reviews, Videos

It’s time for another Barnacules Nerdgasm as Barnacules has just received a brand new Ultimaker 2. Check the video below for the unboxing and a review with test prints. Barnacules is pretty excited of this latest addition to his 3D Printer family, so we’re looking forward to see what he 3D prints  next!

  • Arthur Nunez

    I recently purchased a Ultimaker 2 and have had nothing but problems
    with it. Every third print or so comes out with horrible quality or does
    not finish at all. I have emailed the support email several times with
    no response and no support. I am getting extremely frustrated at their
    lack or support and their complete disregard for my issues. I spent a
    lot of money on the printer and its as though Ultimaker is no longer
    interested in me as a customer. I am seriously considering returning the
    printer and moving on to a company that will treat me well, even after
    the purchase is complete.

    Extremely disappointed so far.

    • Sander van Geelen

      Dear Arthur Nunez,

      I have looked up your ticket in our system and I see you are in touch with our US-based support department since a few days. They are a very skilled and experienced and I am confident you are in good hands with them. I will get in touch with them to make sure you are getting the help you need. If there are any further questions please feel free to reach out to them. Our apologies that it took a couple of days for us to get back with you. Have a great day and take care.