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Materialise Highlights 2013

By January 5, 2014. 3D Printing, Featured, Videos


Looking back at the year 2013, Materialise has compiled a great collection of the year’s 3D Printing highlights. You might remember i.Materialise’s Andy Warhol Competition (check our coverage of the winners here ) and the first ever 3D Printed Fashion show with Melinda Looi in Malaysia (our gallery of the show here). Another highlight of the video is something that had an unexplained appeal to our Dear Editor Rachel Park  – The Smoke Dress. Check the video below to view the rest of an amazing year of 3D Printing. Thank you Materialise and i.Materialise!

Materialise highlights 2013 from Materialise NV on Vimeo.

  • I have just seen a documentation about space traveling and thought
    about what 3D printing can bring to explore space. Just imagine: We send
    a 3D printer to space, which print’s a whole space station or solar panels.
    Imagine we send a 3D printer to the moon. The printer prints accommodation for
    the next mission on the moon… I have two blogs about 3D printing in Switzerland.
    Take a look if you are interested:

    I am very excited what 3d printing will bring us in the future!