• leo

    The biggest problem I see for this machine that it can only print ABS. However, its client software is very user-friendly, quit similar to Makerware.

  • William Lue

    The announced 1st delivery on Christmas eve is in less than a week, and I will monitor more closely the remainder of the shipping list for offshore market. Kinpo’s da Vinci will face an uphill battle on the home-front already: office automation/furniture biggie Aurora has launched own branded 3D printers as a co-op project with a local quango body ITRI (Industrial Technologies Research Institute), while signing up a partnership pact with Stratasys to go after the China market. Even the price point at US$500 does not sound particularly attractive – steep competitions on the pricing front simply cannot be avoided at home, as well as outside of Taiwan. Quite an impressive line-up of lower-priced offerings come from China’s Shenzhen region, which should not surprise. Shane Taylor is all too kind-hearted to be downright outspoken about competitions that will only become more fierce, and was polite to imply that ‘only time will tell’. That point in time, however, can be sooner than thought – just like the ill-timed implementation from naming to pricing. I will be eagerly waiting for Shane’s follow-up report.

  • jdm8

    I don’t know what to make of the build area complaint. In the open hardware arena, that build area is relatively standard. Affordable closed hardware designs can have build areas as small as 4″ / 100mm for the Replicator mini, and 5″ for Up/Afinia/old Cube. New Cube has a 6″ square build platform.

    I think going beyond 8″ square might even be bad for a “beginner” machine.

  • Cut

    Just received mine. Surprised how easily everything worked and operated, but now problems persist with the extruder nozzle dragging the filament everywhere ruining the part. The measuring tab catches all high standing filament then drags it everywhere.