• JimTCT

    Nice write-up, thanks Kevin! It’s nice to know that we’re managing the balancing act of keeping our core audience (you!) happy, while giving a platform for the maker community and others too. I really enjoyed the show this year, seemed to be a good buzz about it which we’ve seen replicated (although in a different manner) down in LDN too. All very positive for the industry. Keep on shouting, the manufacturers will have to take notice of you soon ;)

  • RichRap

    Hi Kevin, Very nice review.

    It’s usually just time, less time at a show, so print a pot or vase. For me, Vases were the easiest way to quickly show the mixing extruder working fast. It’s rather boring to take the whole day to print something useful, but you make a very good point and next show I will have more printers and no Pots!

    I am starting to wonder what you can print with an MCor printer, Staples guidelines indicate many things we consider normal are may not be possible on the paper printer. I designed an object for the Mcor/Staples/CGtrader challenge recently, I have yet to see what of the other objects were actually compatible with the Iris.

    It was a really great show! See you at the next one.

  • http://www.drhughharvey.com/ Hugh Harvey

    Hi Kevin – do you think that the SLS Blueprinter would produce robust enough prints for anatomical models (bones etc)?

    • Kevin Quigley

      For handling and models, yes. Definitely.

  • Mike Molitch-Hou

    Nice review, Kevin!