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Will 4axyz Furniture 3D Print Chairs Chirpy, Dirpy, and Doubly-Do-Dare?

By October 16, 2013. 3DP Applications, Featured, News

So you’re bored with your bed, your chair and your head. Bumbling around town to upright your frown. You’ve tried IKEA, found it too drab. Ethan Allen and Target were so dreadfully sad. But then you ran into a yet-to-be store with a name like an alphabet, everything and more. 4axyz it called itself; all woozly and wozzlefeldt, the sofas were sonky and the bureaus not bobblemelt.

clear chair 4axyz 3D Printing

Though the desks did not be, could not even be seen (the store is still young and the ideas still clean), the 4axys team had a plan that did beam using a tech for a sec that would realize their dream. 3D printing it’s called, or AM by some, was to print out the furniture in forms that are fun.  Design had died you see and needed a kick, so some Canadian scientists threw 3D in the mix.  Here is a prototype of real oak wood, for a fibbly footlestool that finally footstood:

prototype 4axyz

Foot-stool additively made of real red oak being tested

bookshelf chair 4axyzThat’s the beginning for Samir Shah and his friends. The architect, interiorizer, and dreamildyman is working with Abir Shah, a chemical engineer who studied at McGill how materials adhere.  Dr. Chunping Dai is a PhD, so, he noodles the wood and knows howzitfitter.  Another Shah named Shikhar links LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook to Bookface, and Google to Glitter. Rajiv Dholakia is an adviser who’s wiser. Rajiv knows when and when not to be miser.  With experience in start-ups and the Silicon Valley, recommending when to rack-up, rack ‘em, and tally.

Lastly, but not leastly, is a visioneer designer who, without his designs, this text would be kinder.  Judson Beaumont has successfully made furniture forms that are quirky-werky-turkey A-grade.  See them below and way, way out there.  Up on the right is a bookshelf Judson’s turned into a chair:

Here’s a dress made from a dresser and a postmodernly bench torn into a leather.

tearaway dresser 4axyz

Over the next half-year, the team will be ready.  After securing their funding, their prototype will be steady to produce all of the designs for diddly-decor that, thanks to AM, can widdly-do-more.  Curved lines are printed, complex and complete. Soon we live on Seussian street. 4axyz will produce their own machine, you see, for printing out furniture wildlybean. Give them a chance or give them a buck and they’ll unstuck wood for printing your muck!

Source: 4axyz

  • RichRap

    Genius wordsmithery – but I can’t see how any of that is Additive manufactured?

    • Mike Molitch-Hou

      Thanks, Rich! So far, as far as the company tells us, the only thing printed in this piece is the stool. The rest are designs from Judson Beaumont that he made in the past via traditional means, but are planned to be the sorts of things that 4axyz might produce in the future. Sorry for being unclear :)

      • RichRap

        Thanks, It would be really interesting to know how they made a ‘real Oak’ stool with Additive manufacturing… I’m not buying that’s made of Laywood or similar, as that’s just ground up MDF and PLA mixed, so not real Oak or even close.

        Maybe they took some real Oak pieces and glued the parts together to make a stool, I guess that’s Additive manufacturing! What a revolution ;)

        Hopefully they will reveal more soon, or it’s just another lot of hot-air riding on the back of 3D printing.