• http://www.dimensionext.co.uk/ Shane Taylor

    I feel excited! Tell us more when you can oh Rachel of the Parkness…

  • RichRap

    This does sound very interesting, really hope you can find out some more info Rachel. It’s hard to tell from the image how big it is, but the fact it’s using granulates will mean quite some serious kit and plenty of patent protection too. could be a game-changer.

  • AC Palmer

    AKF stands for Arburg-Kunststoff-Freiformen = Arburg Plastic Freeforming!
    As they are specialists in plastics processing machines is good to know they are showing that plastic pellets (granulate) can now be used in 3D printing, perhaps opening a new world to the use of a much broader plastic materials range.

    • Rachel Park

      Thanks AC – German really never was my strong point :-/ Note to self: should try harder!!

      • Guest

        Vorausgesetzt, dass Sie von morgens bis abends arbeiten an den meisten Tagen gibt es nur wenige, die so hart versuchen. Es gibt viel zu tun für http://translate.google.com gesagt werden…!

  • zebrajack

    I am curious about the “No support structures” feature. Maybe the 5-axis freedom can do that. Hard to tell.