Christopher Barnatt ExplainingTheFuture 3D Printing

3D Printing Business Opportunities by Christopher Barnatt

By October 13, 2013. Featured, Videos

As 3D Printing is entering the mainstream, more and more companies are keen to get involved. The question on everyone’s mind is how to incorporate 3d printing to already existing businesses, or what kind of new ventures are there to be build around additive manufacturing. Christopher Barnatt from highlights possible business opportunities, as well as offering some broader predictions on how 3D printing will affect manufacturing, design and households.

  • William Lue

    Very straightforward and well-documented. Very typically British, too, in the way the presentation is delivered. Other than the portrait for a photo/mug-shot, it is a good footage. Why didn’t the makeup artist or the cameraman recommend some changes beforehand or touch-up’s after the fact ? I will nevertheless share it on, though.