• Wojtek Grabczak

    Wish it wasn’t so overpriced.

    • slo 3D creators

      I have to say you get what you pay for. What are you comparing it to? A $50,000 Fortus, Replicator 2, or anyone of the many fly-by-night 3D printer companies who make big promises and deliver little. If you need reliable fast prints, there really is nothing under $1800 that comes close. I made the mistake of wasting valuable time and capital on dream specs (QU-BD).

      • BillD

        it’s not $1800. It’s 1800 euros, which equates to around $2300-2400.

        • Moheeb Zara

          It is indeed very pricey and that is dissapointing. However keep in mind that we’re all happy about the other projects they’ve got going and the steps they’re taking to help the community. True, the ultimaker 2 is exspensive, but almost the same cost as its predecessor.

          • slo 3D creators

            Having worked with several cheaper version (and not so cheap models) I am very happy to pay a premium from this company. If you go out to Ebay, you seldom see a Ultimaker for sale unlike other more popularized models. In fact I had almost attained one, then the guy backed out because he couldn’t part with it. The only way I can see the prices coming down, is the flood of asian printers, or major consumer brand such as Sony, Samsung, HP, Dell, etc gets involved.

        • slo 3D creators

          Fully aware of that. My point is that there are some 3D printers starting around $1800 that I think are in the same category as the Ultimaker. More to the point, you may find cheaper printers with good specs, but they are either flawed, or extremely delayed in their promised date of arrival.

  • Erik de Bruijn

    People who own an Ultimaker Original have been able to upgrade it to the latest version, which makes it an especially good investment. Also, you don’t have to pay for a ‘care package’, we feel that supporting the customer should be part of the deal instead of an option.

    Apart from that it has the following features and improvements:

    Heated bed, improved firmware, supplementary roll of filament, integrated controls and SD card input, great UI, injection moulded parts such as the sliding blocks which have integrated springs that tension the belts. Better belts and pulley combo, completely new hot end with heater block and integrated nozzle. Easy to level the nozzles and bed, printing on glass, forward compatible with (yet to be released) wifi module, new filament drive, electronics that can vary the power to the stepper motors, the electronics are passively cooled for more silent operation. Also, the Ultimaker 2 is especially well prepared for dual heads (cabling, steppers, moving head and frame) and has better temperature sensing (Pt-100 instead of the less accurate thermocouples), a more silent frame, dual fans on the printhead, LED lighted frame and RGB back-lit turn wheel for control, easy to remove glass sheet, a print material aware firmware (open source) on which real time adjustments are possible, even including retraction, a very smart filament change menu option, open to any 3mm material. Unlike the bigger vendors who will try to lock you in to their consumables. This will increase your total cost of ownership, in addition to the products becoming obsolete much more quickly than upgradable Ultimakers. Also, none of the big-vendor printers that I know of can support 20 micron layer heights, unless you include the $ 20.000+ machines.

    I think I could find more stuff to say, but just believe me: the new Ultimaker 2 in addition to the award winning Ultimaker Original is a great printer.

    (disclaimer: I’m with Ultimaker)

    • Andrew Golardo

      So, all of the Ultimakers 2 upgrades will be available to original ultimaker in store?

      • Erik de Bruijn

        We definitely have a commitment to keep supporting and upgrading Ultimaker Orignals. Several elements that are in the Ultimaker 2 right now will also be re-engineered so they can be made available for the Original as well (so: not all upgrades, Ultimaker 2 has very few parts that overlap, not even the belts and pulleys). We will have to see which ones are practical and more importantly: it has to offer enough added value to justify removing the existing parts. The things we’ve promised to provided will be provided. The heated build platform upgrade is the first thing to be developed and release for the Ultimaker Original.