• Anarkik3D Ltd

    Well done, 4c Design for this stunning and beautifully designed baton. It is the best in combining traditional materials and making with new metal and new technology to produce a ceremonial piece with strong cultural motifs and connections. You have done us proud here in Scotland.

  • http://www.4cdesign.co.uk/ 4c Design

    Thanks very much, great article. With the 2014 Queen’s Baton we wanted to push technology to its limits and rather than doing so with electronics we wanted to keep the message element simple and true to its beginnings, so instead we used cutting edge manufacturing techniques. And this design did exactly that, we really had to work very closely with the manufacturer to push the RP machine to its limits and achieve this design that we believe would be impossible to produce any other way.

    • Juho Vesanto

      Cheers, let’s hope your great design makes its journey safely back to Glasgow in time for the opening ceremonies!