• PhotizoGroup_3D

    Juho, your views go nearly hand-in-hand with a point raised in our white paper on personal 3D printing – manufacturers have had the focus of “cheaper” and “broader” for the past couple of years in the consumer market, and very few have really addressed adding VALUE to the hardware. As the technology moves away from its early adopters, this focus has to become paramount to product development.

  • Juho Vesanto

    Although I’m yet to read your paper – this serves as a good reminder to do so – I can’t say I’m too surprised to hear that the fundamental misconceptions some of the 3DP companies have on creating a cohesive and unambiguous product/service are addressed by many others monitoring this field as well. It seems that the concept of adding value to something is still often synonymous to just sticking a label on the respective p/s, where it states something in the lines of “this will improve and benefit you, the user” without any actual preceding thought on the matter. Therefore we’re witnessing many cases of sub-par experiences. But as mentioned in the article, I don’t think that necessarily all from the ever growing bundle of blame can be allocated to the HW manufacturers alone.

  • CS

    Great article. I couldn’t agree more. At our 3D printing company, we’ve been experiencing some of these same things. Not just slow software – I’m talking machines that are fraudulent and others that border on it. Thank you for not naming names and keeping the discussion focused on the issue at-large. As you mentioned, customers will begin using more products and telling others via social media and review sites. Then, we will begin to sift the honest from the others.