• phile

    Very Nice! — if you like this you may also like the 3D Printers for Peace Contest – win one of several 3D printers for open source digital designs http://www.mtu.edu/materials/printersforpeace/

    • Mike Molitch-Hou

      I’m a huge fan of that contest!

  • David Howes

    When I first saw 3-D printers 2 years ago or so, what struck me most was the ability of them to literally reproduce themselves. I thought about the exponential curve of technological progress, and knew it would only be a few years before we had something for our home. Lo and behold. In this technology, which breaks down most of our preconceived notions and paradigms, I see a post scarcity world, where we work doing what we want, not what we need to do in order to “earn” paper that we then trade for things and services. Rather, we’ll use carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur to make what we need, when we need it. Solar panels, clothes, food, shelter. The only thing I wonder is: when will we start calling them “replicators”?