THIS is why the Liberator is NOT Safe

By May 24, 2013. 3D Printers, 3D Printing, Featured, Industry Insights

Ok, so if you are a person that is still not convinced that printing AND FIRING the Liberator 3d printed gun is a bad idea, the New South Wales police force in Australia have issued a stark visual warning. At a press conference today, New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, gave a verbal explanation of the dangers and illegalities involved, backed up by a video that illustrates the dangers:

Hat tip to Joris – who is leading the charge in shouting this thing down.

  • Steve Kelly

    Looks like they used something far from 100% fill on the test gun…

  • CornGolem

    Both Defense Distributed and “Joe” from Wisconsin printed and fired it without it exploding, so those policemen are doing it wrong and on purpose.

    Governments are dangerous, that I’m convinced of.

    • cppthis

      Yup, the video makes clear that the fix is in–the cops were using a $400 tinkertoy reprap and DD did it on a commercial-grade system that costs more than a BMW. And the cops definitely have a bit of a conflict of interest here…

      While I tend to agree that 3D printed guns won’t end well, you know as well as I do that the following points are true:

      1. The underworld would do it anyway if there was any reason to. It’s not like machinsts don’t already make junk guns the world over, most cultures even have a cutsey name for it. DD, like Wikileaks, is just doing it openly for all to see and think about instead of skulking around in the shadows where everyone has ill intent.

      2. If a Western government had developed this and covertly given it to militants fighting said government’s political enemies, the media shills currently hyperventilating over the spectre of 3D printed arms would instead be crowing about how the glorious Plastic Spring has brought peace and enlightenment to the oppressed people of East Derpistan. It is not a coincidence that the Liberator shares its name with a $2 gun made by the US during World War II.

      Mind, I’m not some pot smoking anarchist hippie who thinks world peace is a few campfire songs away. But the printed-gun “controversy” is all smoke and mirrors generated by flaming weasels who rail on about how the little people can’t be trusted with guns and then turn around and give away military hardware to anyone who asks nicely in the name of geopolitics.

  • Chris Riley

    just as easy putting a bullet in the end of a pipe and hitting it with a hammar and a nail.