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Children Can Teach Us Much – Even When They’re 3D Printing

By March 18, 2013. 3DP Applications, Education, Featured, News

Sometimes I come across stories that make me just want to hug the nearest person to me (another reason why it is probably good that I work alone!) because they are just so lovely and speak of the good that does exist within humanity. When the person at the centre of the story is a child it magnifies that feeling exponentially.

Cubify, and it has to be said, they’re doing some great things with kids recently, have reported on a young community member of theirs. Ruben Curiel is 12 years old and, if this story is anything to go by, he’s going to go far in the world. He has a couple of fairly atypical passions, going by the 12 year olds I know anyway, as he is a keen designer and he loves playing chess. He is also a young boy conscious of the world around him and those less fortunate than himself.

He was able to unite his design skills with his love of the game of chess when he decided that he wanted to play with bigger chess pieces than he already had. Now Ruben is in a fortunate position – he is the proud owner of a Cube 3D printer by all accounts, and he has experimented with and subsequently subscribed to Cubify Invent in a bid to learn to design for himself.

Ruben's 3d printed chess pieces

Ruben came up with designs for his own chess pieces and printed them out, taking him two full weeks. Personally I’m not sure about the green, but I do find the pieces themselves appealing. Ruben is rightly pleased with the results especially because he made them himself and they are personal to him.

But, and this is the kicker, he wants to share his designs FoC, but even beyond that, for anyone that does not have their own 3D printer and gets the pieces 3D printed via Cubify, Ruben is donating 100% of his profits to — a non-profit organization with a mission to help alleviate poverty. This is reportedly Ruben’s favorite charity and he wants to be able to help others if he can through the sale of his designs.

What I would love to see, in this instance, is Cubify matching the 12 year old’s philanthropy and donating their cut to the cause too!

You never know, it could happen!

Source: Cubify

  • Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog and your nice suggestion to cubify. By the way the reason for using the green colour was just because this colour come’s with the printer. If you want to print the chess peaces you can print it out in any colour you want.

    Ruben Curiel

    • Nils Hitze

      Hi Ruben, nice to meet you and awesome work you did.

      You’re an inspiration to my kids too, i told them about what you did and i think they’re glad they have a Dad with some 3d Printers in the basement now ^^

  • Maarten Brand

    Little late respons. But great piece, it shows the power of the combination of 3d printing and kids! Dont forget that our kids are already used to viewing the world in 3d thanks to games an online activities. I am not ( at 34, sigh…:)
    Harnass that power for the classroom and let the goodness flow!