• Arcite

    Interesting stuff. 3D printing is ushering in a new age, hopefully more people will find peaceful uses for this technology.

  • Denja

    Ditto @ Arcite. Looking forward to a future where technological developments, like 3d printing, aren’t always tied to defense research.

  • Ralph Resnick

    I am sorry that you have totally misunderstood and misrepresented our mission and intent at NCDMM & NAMII. We absolutely welcome the Maker community and have already arranged to meet with a number of the innovative organizations you mention as our vision is engage, assist and unite all in an effort to remove the barriers and accelerate the adoption and insertion of additive manufacturing into mainstream manufacturing.
    I encourage you to practice your pacifism by reducing your rhetoric and engaging with us in productive discussion

    • Will Smith

      Yo, Uncle Phil! Why you so upset? Don’t worry! Those lice on your head ain’t coming back. They been homeless since 1979!

      • Ashley Banks

        Good one, cuz!

      • Ashley Banks

        Yeah, Will! He needs Hair Club for Men! Maybe we should get him THREE memberships!

    • Geoffrey Barbara Butler

      Well done Master Ralph. You managed to be condecending and arrogant on the internet. I say, you must feel quite special.

    • Carlton Banks

      Hey, Big Guy. Don’t listen to Will. You’ve got the rest of your life to grow that hair back.

  • Bart Simpson

    #Ralph – He’s not only the president, he is the soul-less beast that soul his self for a bowl of soup.