3D printing company ExOne files for a $75 million IPO

By January 18, 2013. Business, Featured, News

ExOne, a company that develops and manufactures high end 3D printing systems and printed products for industrial customers, last week filed with the SEC to raise up to $75 million in an initial round of public funding. The company is based in North Huntingdon, PA, USA plans to list on the NASDAQ under the symbol XONE.

Founded in 2003, the company’s last financial results (year ended 30/9/2012) reported $19 million in sales for the previous 12 months.

ExOne  a full range of industrial 3D printers in a range of materials, including metal. At the end of last year ExOne introduced the M-Flex metal, industrial mid-sized 3D printer to the market.

ExOne is the third 3D printing company to become publicly listed and it is sure to garner a great deal of interest from investors.

Source: Renaissance Capital


  • If ExOne has the manufacturing capabilities to create 1/2 of my container for customers HHO device that fit’s behind the fender of your car. You should contact me. Were ready to start taking orders to product the $1.350.00 Hydrogen Car Fender today.

    • Nils Hitze

      Interesting Product, what exactly does the Hydrogen Car Fender does?

      Also, no offense, but get a WebDesigner please ^^

  • Actually, ExOne will be the third. Arcam AG is publicly traded.

    • dude the last sentence “actually”says exactly what you just said.

      • To clarify on this point – ExOne is the fourth 3DP manufacturer to publicly trade. Jim is correct in saying Arcam is publicly traded, and was the third company (after 3D Systems & Stratasys) to do so, last summer.

        My bad, and apologies for any confusion.