• Tyrone Austin CEO @ ID&C LLC

    If ExOne has the manufacturing capabilities to create 1/2 of my container for customers HHO device that fit’s behind the fender of your car. You should contact me. Were ready to start taking orders to product the $1.350.00 Hydrogen Car Fender today.

    • Nils Hitze

      Interesting Product, what exactly does the Hydrogen Car Fender does?

      Also, no offense, but get a WebDesigner please ^^

  • Jim Colleran

    Actually, ExOne will be the third. Arcam AG is publicly traded.

    • Bryan Kidder

      dude the last sentence “actually”says exactly what you just said.

      • Rachel Park

        To clarify on this point – ExOne is the fourth 3DP manufacturer to publicly trade. Jim is correct in saying Arcam is publicly traded, and was the third company (after 3D Systems & Stratasys) to do so, last summer.

        My bad, and apologies for any confusion.