• Gina Häußge

    Thanks for the shout out :) you got a broken link there though, I guess you meant https://github.com/foosel/PrinterWebUI#printer-webui :)

    The software will probably soon get a new name, but stay at the aforementioned url for the time being. Cheers!

  • http://www.3dprintingindustry.com/ 3D Printing Industry

    Link fixed now. Thanks for noticing :)

  • Florian Horsch

    Good that Gina chimed in here… in general it would be appropriate to name the developer of the software/hardware/$news_item in the main article. Thanks Juho!

    To be more clear: Gina Häußge is the creator of Printer WebUI ;)

    Great work!

    • Nils Hitze

      Sorry, my bad i think – but we will do an Interview with her soon as possible

  • http://twitter.com/AnarkyMarie Ann Marie Shillito

    As a non-techie applied arts person, I long for systems that really are user friendly, where I can just get on with being creative and not have to learn to programme, download bits and bytes that need joining together to get my 3D printer purring away. If 3DP tech is going to be available for everyone everywhere, usability means it has to cater for enthusiasts like me.

    Juho, you describe yourself as a tech enthusiast BUT with a solid background in consumer understanding, a BBA in marketing and studying user-centered design for an MBA you should be shouting for and advocating this level of ‘usability’.