3D Printed Miniature Figurines

By January 9, 2013. 3DP Applications, Consumers, Entertainment, Featured, News

Customised figurines are well poised to be one of the success stories for 3D printing within the entertainment industry, despite the looming IP issues that still need looking into.  Toy makers, licensors, movie studios and animation companies, if they are not already, should all keep a close eye on 3D Printing and the impact it will have on different parts of the value chain – many of which are going to be rewritten altogether.

Whilst the industry is shaping and finding out who is making what and renegotiating future licensing deals, we can enjoy these these amazing hand painted 3D printed miniatures by TurtleWorks 3D printed at Shapeways. Each miniature is 3D printed in white Nylon (WSF) and then hand painted with an astonishing level of detail.

3D Printed Figurines

3D Printed Figurines

3D Printed Figurines

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  • Edmund Dantés

    Do you know the best way to paint a 12″ high statuette trophy nylon 3D print out (like an Oscars award) so that it has that 24KT gold look? Can I use spray paint on Nylon? Dye? or Acryllic paints? Any ideas would be most helpful. Thanks for the great article!