• http://parametric-art.com/ bonooobong

    And are all these materials compatible with the most common entry-level desktop printers? I’ve got a Replicator2 and I’ve only printed with PLA filament before, but I really would like to have a try with Laywood and Nylon as well, but I’m afraid it would damage my printer. Any tips or experiences?

    • Nils Hitze

      ABS doesn’t make sense if you have no heated bed, it tends to warp a lot and wouldn’t stick very well.

      Didn’t try Nylon (yet) but the Laywood is awesome. Smells like Cookies. Should work with the Replicator2, but i don’t know what Diameter is needed in the Rep2. Laywood is only available in 3 mm afaik.

      • http://parametric-art.com/ bonooobong

        Hi Nils, thanks for your reply, unfortunately I need a diameter of 1.73 mm, but I think I can build an other extruder with a wider diameter for experimenting with Laywood, it looks fabulous. I like cookies :)

  • http://www.producracy.com/ Andrew E

    Didn’t know there were so many materials that could be printed.
    Am also very interested in learning which printers can handle multiple materials.
    This is great for rapidly prototyping your clients designs.
    -Andrew, producracy.com

  • TransplantTrees

    Cool stuff! Interested further in the clay possibilities. Less of toxic stuff = better for me.

  • 3dprintingsystems

    If you want really cool 3d printer filaments take a look at this site, they have rubber / flexible plastic and UV colour changing, conductive ABS – http://3dprinterfilaments.com/rubber_%20like_filaments

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  • 3d print

    Resin is also material in growing used on 3d printing industry. Resin is highly close to the plastic material’s standards. It’s recommended when you want high detailed visual qualities. We’ve gathered some more data about 3d printing materials via 3d-printerdesign.com/3d-materials

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  • Bob Luttrell

    Very neat indeed, opens the eyes to a whole new field of possibilities

  • http://www.blackseaaudio.weebly.com Karl Brown

    What about finished prints flammability, and their potential use in “public” spaces ??.
    So far I can’t find much (if anything) on flammability or “fire ratings”. Printing for personal use – fine, but take that into a commercial world, where potential printed items might come into a “fire rating” discussion …. Any info, even if not such great news, would be seriously useful.

    Thanks all.

  • innovation?

    why can’t we 3d print glass?

  • Michael Barber

    What is the best 3d printed plastic to use that is food safe and thermo-safe to “boiling water and hot steam” temperatures?