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    There is a dark side to this CEO.. His policy was to shave off sales of his own community of designers and when caught numerous times (documented on his forum pages) he sent the community manager or Duann Scott to sweet talk the claims of Shapeways not crediting all sales to their owners by stating the usual “ohh its our buggy website again..”

    Read this corrupt CEO email explaining how his accounting system is infested with repeated “bugs” that were “responsible” for designers sales not to be logged…

    Not only does Shapeways shaves off designers sales but in my case even a due PayPal payments ..

    Read all the comments and a copy&paste of his email:


  • Emily Turrettini

    Great interview.

  • Jon

    Interesting interview – Shapeways has done a wonderful job of introducing the general public to the possibilities of 3D printing!

    Founder of CNCKing.com

  • rene pardo

    Could you interview William Chang, CEO of NEA 3D Inc. NEA has just released the industry’s most beautiful, truly stunning line of 3D Printers at CES (booth 75087, Eureka Park). Smallest footprint to print ratio’s in the industry,and the NEA Pro + model at <$2,000 is groundbreaking.