• Ken Kubos

    I make STL files for my 3-D Printer in HEXAGON 2.5 Modeling Software from DAZ Studio and it’s $20.00!!!

    It has a 294 page Manual and a Tutorial.



    Ken Kubos, Ph.D.

  • Bill Preston

    Your “No ABS” decision is why I decided to buy a cheaper branded reprap2. I decided to go a flashforge 3D, which is half the price of a makerbot. Why? simply because they supported ABS.

  • Fran

    It’s been next to impossible to find reviews from businesses/consumers using the Replicator 2. Why is that?

  • Fran

    Our company has also made inquiries of the Replicator 2X…looking for customer recommendations or testimonials. Again, w/o success.

  • Clarkward

    Not being able to handle ABS is a no-go on my end. PLA parts will warp in mild heat (inside the car on a 75F sunny day) and that’s unacceptable. My Mendel does very well with any material I throw at it, and it’s already printed parts for another RepRap, the Rostock, with an FAR larger print volume than the Replicator, which will have dual extruders and handle anything I feed it: PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, etc. Both of my RepRaps together cost less than one Replicator 2 (or 2X). Better to build your own so you understand it thoroughly than to pay 2 grand for a black box that only does PLA.