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  • Luke

    Presently, as an observer of the growing home 3d printing trend, it’s disconcerting to think my £1000-£2000 spent on a desktop 3d printer would result in me owning hundreds of small plastic objects, very few of which I imagine, will benefit my existence in any obvious way. To be fair, I’ve never had first hand experience of using one but my heart sinks every time I see a Makerbot alongside a blue bunny rabbit and a pink dodecahedron. 3d printers are still a long way from being the ‘must have’ accessory in my opinion, so the spate of desktop 3d printers appearing on the market, even though it’s a positive sign, might be premature and this first wave of interest may peak and ultimately ebb. Obviously, 3d printing is thriving in other sectors and yes, ultimately I think it will eventually break through into the home market, but I can’t help but feel that presently, 3D printing is experiencing a false dawn.