• http://twitter.com/RichRap3D Richard H

    Great post Christina, I’m sure we will be seeing more from you – Love the Bracelet!

    • http://www.christinachun.com/ Christina Chun


    • http://www.christinachun.com/ Christina Chun

      Thanks Richard! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/Afinia_3DPrint Afinia

    Fantastic post! A nice tale of your #3dprinting journey. How do I get one of your bracelets? Holidays are coming and I have some gifts to purchase…

    • http://www.christinachun.com/ Christina Chun

      Thank you! I’m not ready to release my Bracelets into the wild just yet. I plan on selling them, perhaps at craft shows or small fairs. So I haven’t yet figured out a good place to sell or make available for download either free or for a small fee.  I will keep you and everyone else posted!

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  • 3DmodelerDy

    That is awesome works ! More and more I became enthusiastic about 3D printing